Sunday, April 10, 2011

National English Olympiad

Last month I really lucked out. Thanks to fellow volunteers, I was selected to be part of the American jury at the national competition for English as a foreign language in Ukraine. The competition is taken very seriously and Peace Corps is extremely proud to have been invited by the administration to create and administer the test.

Every school in the country participates in olympiads which are tests of school subjects. The best students then go on to a regional and state competition. The winners of the state (oblast-wide) competitions are invited to attend the national olympiad that takes place in a different city every year. No one complained when they found out that the 2011 sponsor was Yalta, considered one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine and the former Soviet Union.

It was wonderful to interact with some of the country’s brightest youth. Though as members of the jury we had to keep our distance from the contestants, it was meaningful for me to witness their skill and ability to use original thought.

Here are some pictures from the opening and closing ceremony along with the “School of the Future” which hosted us.

Available After-School Clubs at the School of the Future, as someone who's tried and failed more times than I can count to start programs this array is dehumanizing.

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